Thursday, June 29, 2006


My mother is hilarious. She emailed me a story that reminded me of Korea's dog shit girl from a while back. I must share.

Oye, it's so humid! I now remember why we left the city during the summer for 27 years. Anyway, what I am about to tell you took me a long time to write due to the laughter that ensued.

I was in a coffee shop on 4th street. This woman had two dogs with her. The were little rat like dogs, not much hair, looked just like the woman. She let them off the leash and they roamed the small shop. One took a shit under this guy's table. He was reading a book. All the customers gasped. I said out loud, "Your dog did a doodoo. " The excrement was small, but mighty. Then the dog lady takes a napkin and picks up the doggy doo. I was scared she would deposit it in the trash can near the coffee cream and stuff but she took it to the toilet. Thank goodness. Then she asked if they girl behind the counter if they had disinfectant. This is the point at which I had to leave.

Well, I'm off to see Yo Yo Ma with g-ma.

May the rest of your day be filled with laughter.

Love you and miss you,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i did it, again (no oops involved)

Mira que si te quise, fué por el pelo,
Ahora que estas pelona, ya no te quiero..."

well... I no longer care so much if you love my hair, or me.
I like it this way., saturday, come play with me

For more info.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

fresh outta the oven

plate of pussyphoto by: jhendry
Ji and Phil had a delicious housewarming. Robin and Matt made so many yummy dishes and some lovely sangria. People brought nice plants for thier lavish roof and yard. And I went all out, Miss Koco style. I figured there was no better way to heat up a house than to serve up some hot pussy (cookies). Since I haven't baked a batch in alomst three years, I was feeling a bit rusty and wanted to get a batch or two in before this weekend's EDEN extravaganza. This test batch for my friends, neighbors, lovers and new acquiantances turned out quite well and was a great way to get the old pussy cookie juices flowing--you know, to jump back on the horse so to speak.

Good times, great babbaganoush, and more money shots.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

nice work

I wanna be this photographer's friend. I think we'd have lots to talk about.

And speaking of photo people I adore:
Paul Kotyk
Andy Nguyen
Angelique Kuyper

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crazy English

I'm starting to build a really nice collection of T-shirts.

I pop core NY. But, don't we all?

Yes, that does say, "Hamberger friend: I feel happiness When I a eat him." Without noticing, they spelled hamburger correctly on the front and incorrectly on the back. AMAZING!

For more oddities and great bad English, check out my flickr set.

flickr update

So I went pro. I put up the pussy cookie archives:
CONSUME MY GOODS (2002-2003)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

bangin' panang

just a quickie...

On Saturday night I met up with Jutta for some eats at Buddha's Belly (conveniently located near Noksapyeong Station and lots of other good stuff). Okay, their TOFU PANANG CURRY is addictive. It's sooooooo good. The restaurant only fits about 10 people. Thus, it's not really the kind of place to bring a huge posse of people, but if you haven't been, you must go, immediately.

I can't get the panang out of my mind. In quiet moments my thoughts linger to the taste, the texture, the sauce... Uncontrollably, I tilt my head a bit, slowly close my eyes, release a soft and slight "mmmmmm..." and drift back to that place.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Just in time to celebrate the birth of koco... EDEN, at BricxX in Hongdae will be on the 1st of July (not the 24th). It's my weekend, so come buy me drinks, lavish me with gifts, nookie, and... CONSUME MY GOODS!

It's gonna be just like my 24th (Miss Koco's Cocktail Hour) at Opaline, but different, and in Asia.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3 favorite lies

1. I'm a man.
2. I'm shy.
3. I'm Neil Diamond's BIGGEST fan.

Over the past year and a bit here in Korea I've enjoyed making up stories about what I do for a living. Instead of telling people I teach, which is so typical, I try on other careers. "I'm a food writer." "I'm a model." HA! I can't keep a straight face though. I always have to come clean. "Naw... but wouldn't that be fun?" Truth is, I'm not a very good liar, but I like to make up stories.

Monday, June 05, 2006

the view

Originally uploaded by misskoco.
My lavish apartment has a fabulous view... of a brick wall. This is really quite depressing in comparison to the view of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge, and lower Manhattan from the balcony of my apartment (once upon a time) in NYC; however, it's growing on me. I've started to find and enjoy the variation in the bricks. Focusing on the simple geometric patterns, things disappear, become quiet, and then oceans of diverse landscapes emerge. Additionally, I have been honing my jedi mind skills by focusing all my energy and thoughts into the wall. In a few months I'm sure I'll be able to will it away... or not.

Oh, my, god... Korea you're killin' me.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

flow festival nippleplay

People were really open and having a good time, Jutta was willing to take photos, and I had a box full of nipples, so...

Taka (Takahashi, Takashit, DJ Gutz) named his nipple Chikubi Spinna. "Chikubi" means nipple in Japanese. He liked earthy tones so this one, from hand-dyed merino, was the one for him. Taka had a little trouble coming up with a name, but the nipple reminded him of slip mats that djs use on their turn tables so that the records don't stick or mess up the motor that spins the record. In the search for the name, we discussed dj equipment and the human body--how turntables could be breasts and how the adaptors for 45s are just like nipples.

AND THEN he took off his shirt.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot hot! Not only did Taka get down with the nippleplay project, but he and Judonami also played some Deee-lite, followed by Bust A Move (Young MC) during their set. That's the way to make miss koco happy!

Paddy (of Newcastle, England) wanted to get in on the no shirt nippleplay fun as well. He picked a green nipple made from merino and named it Alan. The gold barbell bead held the gold tread quite nicely, but was too frail to survive the partying. If you found a lost green nipple, please contact Paddy (**update** Paddy found Alan hiding in his pocket a few days later).

And this is Jen. She danced the night away with me. She's got such a unique dancing style. I just felt all good stuff from this lady. Her nipple is the sister to Jutta's, Nermal, made of Thai silk. This nipple has not yet been named.

And here we have Kathy, from Seattle, with her fierce nipple, named Nancy. This silk nipple has a fun little silver floral trinket on it that I also picked up in Thailand. We had a great little chat about Project Runway and testicles. Not that there were testicles on the TV show, but in a separate conversation we discussed testicles. I'm not quite sure how that came about, but we came to a general consensus that, yes, balls can come in different shapes and sizes; however, the most preferred ones are on the smaller side, or at least in proportion. Also saggy extra skin in the area was decided to be a turn off in this group. Lastly, I would like to reiterate that Nancy is fierce.

serendipity, flow, and spontaneity

Imagine a bunch of people in Korea, about 1,000+. Most of them are ex-pats, probably English teachers. Some are Korean, with a lot of style: punks, hippies, tattoo artists, musicians, open-minded types, etc. Many of them have traveled to far-off places. They have stories, most are college educated... and more importantly, they like to get their drink on, chill out, and just party. Now, all these (crazy) people decide to travel hours away from their homes to go to a pension (somewhat like a hotel/camp ground) in the country. They do this to see punk, ska, and experimental bands as well as to enjoy some funky djs. They expect to pitch tents (or stay in a hotel), get sweaty, possibly smelly, dirty, and most likely quite drunk.

I wasn't going to be one of these people. I had a date on Friday and every good intention to stay home and have a quiet weekend being productive.

Then, I was captured and seduced by a wave of spontaneity Friday night. I surrendered myself to it and let it take me far away from the city to the flow festival. Last minute--without any hotel reservations, train/bus tickets, or festival tickets--I decided I'd trek out to Gangcheon. This is completely out of character, but I simply let go and everything turned out just fine. I returned home sometime in the evening on Sunday rejuvininated and simultaneously completely drained of energy; however, I wouldn't dare regret going, for it was undoubtedly the best party I've been to in Korea. This weekend was filled with experiences, laughs, and insane times that could fill several posts.

I met and bumped into so many people. Some mentionables:
Jutta! Jutta! Jutta!
Taka - dj gutz from Japan. PS. he has great nipples
Jeff - aka Judonomi
Some of my favorite ladies: Rachel Lynn, Shelly, and their boyfriend Joel (who showed me his pierced nipples)
oh, and Sexual Chocolate (gotta love him too!)
Paul - the photographer
The HBC Boys: Chris & Jordan
Paul - with the cool pants that I met at soulshine
The nude model chick I bump into everywhere
My favorite drunken man-whores
Alicia, Elinza, Paddy, Don & his wife, Jin Seouk the tattooed party organizer, and a fascinating yoga woman named Rosa.

At some point on Friday night/Saturday morning I was dancing to some lovely loud music with a large group of people and realized I knew and enjoyed all the people around me. We danced together--smiles on our faces, out in the woods, with stars above us, and dirt under our feet... ahhh, it was simply fabulous.

I went to sleep sometime Saturday morning completely content. I slept better than I've slept in months, had a really peaceful dream, and then woke up to another gorgeous day. I took a walk, went into town, and decided to stay another night.

yummy dalkalbi. shovel included.