Saturday, December 02, 2006

best hommos in town

I will admit that this spelling, hommos, is an accepted variant of humus, as is hummus. However, if I were to pick out of the three to put on an advertisement that pronounces that you won't be able to eat any other's after tring their product, I'd probably opt for one of the other versions. I do recommend their humus, as well as the falafel at BricxX in Hongdae, and if you'd like to try to make some of your own, here's a recipe for Hummus, Hommos, and Humus.


Friday, December 01, 2006


I like to wander, love to document where I've been, and I dig taking pictures of my feet, or my shadow, so I really adore this project, Footprints, by Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon.

Here's the gist:
Take pictures of your feet, from your cell phone, and then send them to and they will put them into their interactive installation piece at Art Center Nabi here in Seoul. Fantastic!

Where have your feet been?

P.S. The show is running from 12.7-12.30.