Monday, April 30, 2007

good design

I went to my friend Haelan's show, nicely planned trip at Studi-oh! in Hongdae. She's showing some of her design work. I love what she's doing with used bottles and the work she's creating a way to deal with all the wires we have in our life.

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Haelan's fashion solution for all your mp3 player's wires--buttons to wrap the cord around!

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These clever household items are made out of alcohol bottles. The green glasses are made out of large beer bottles and hold beer from a small bottle perfectly.

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Haelan's design buddy, Kwangho Lee, made these vases out of stacks of mugs, cups, and glasses. They aren't attached, which makes them a bit dangerous, but I love the idea and the look.

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Haelan's solution for all the wires coming from your computer--weave them through the holes in this table!

Check out more of her work at her website:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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This is my new favorite t-shirt. It has the following "English" text on it:

Dr Pepper


testeful is has clean taste that Drink a of with anything makes as ideal base for really qutoches a thirst. Everyyhing in base punches and can be used in a veriety of Enjoy and is pore and wholesorse so treefor testeful ways for cooking. Drink a bottle of kitle children can drink it. feeling of makes Everyyhing when you're hot of tred or thirsty with anything. makes as ideal base for ice can fresh up with children anytime.
If any of that makes any sense, please let me know.

More potty talk

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I don't know why I must constantly post about poo or the state of bathrooms in Korea. Maybe it's because I continue to find things I just can't keep to myself. Here's one: the bathrooms at my job don't have a dispenser for liquid soap as many bathrooms often do. Instead we have a bar of soap on a stick. And another: there are no paper towels or any other method to dry your hands provided. Thirdly (I have to tell you this), while they don't have some important things, they do have bidet toilet covers installed in at least one of the stalls of each bathroom--with heated seats (good for the winter).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lonesome & Hot

What a sad scene. My sister finds lonesome shoes--single shoes alone on street corners in New York City. Every shoe has a story...

Which makes me wonder what these red pumps would have to say. HOT!
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Friday, April 20, 2007



I've found that most lemonade in Korea is carbonated--but not this one! In addition to the non-fizzy lemonade, 조이스타코 (Choi's Taco) in Shincheon has great Mexican food.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

this i miss

I miss diners and delicious decadent dessert.

It's not impossible to find in Korea, it's just that it's so easy to find these (essential) things in my favorite cities: New York, San Fran, Seattle... even Philly has enough strategically placed fantastic places to keep me knee-deep in sweet treats all day. I could really use some eats from The Pink Rose right about now. I'm hungry.

Monday, April 09, 2007

delicious, not!


Food in Korea goes into two categories: delicious and NOT delicious. This cookie, despite what it says, was NOT delicious.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

public art

umbrella spider
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I love finding an unexpected funky installation, a clever sculpture, or a large scale mosaic on my adventures and jaunts. I found these sculptures in a subway station in Pusan. They are a great addition to this public space and really creative. The spiders were made out of umbrellas and the birds are from bottles. What great whimsical little creatures!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Seafood Stew (해물탕)


After spending a few hours at the Pusan Aquarium admiring fish and other underwater creatures, Jess, Jess, and I decided it was time to see what some of them tasted like. We found a nice restaurant that specialized in a seafood stew. It was enjoyable, but it was also a bit scary. I wasn't quite sure what I was eating, or if I was supposed to eat that part. I had to dissect everything and remove questionable bits and exoskeleton. Regardless, somehow, I stuffed myself.


The restaurant also had a side dish I'd never come across before, some kind of noodle slaw of sorts.

Survey says: not my favorite, but it didn't make me puke.