Monday, May 28, 2007

ruby kicks

I click them three times and off I go. From the beaches of Pusan to the streets of Seoul; from Beijing to St. Petersburg. On trains, planes, in boats... my ruby kicks protected me while creeping through back streets in Siberia and kept my toes warm in the Gobi. These were made for bouncing, running, strolling like I have all the time in the world, hiking up mountains, soaking up the sun, wandering through the drizzle, gently treading on the steps of so many before and over land I'm just beginning to love. They lead me to new places... then they take me home.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

ghetto fabulous

gHETTO fABULOUS in the HBC.. May 26/27 get your party on with 2 days of fresh and fun art, dance, music, food and film. Support local artists and musicians.

Miss Koco's gonna be there... come Sunday and say hello.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


This woman is one of my absolute favorite people on this planet. Beautiful, intelligent, extremely talented, and so much fun. I'm quite flattered that she's got one of my nipples in her collection. Viv named her nipple, Kittynip. I love it! Check out her website to see some of her awesome video work.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

nippleplay (cont.)

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I'm still out there distributing golden nipples! Some time ago, I found myself at the Loft (for the first and last time), with another Koco, well, Miss Coco Shin to be more exact. The greatest and strangest part about our meeting was that she already knew who I was. I think that's really fantastic and a bit strange. Coco was there with her outrageous friend Ernie. She snapped a couple pics of him modeling some magnetic nipples on his chain. They do suit him!

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This rock star, Yozoh, is beautiful, fabulous, and all about the nipples! She's playing with her band at Bar Nana on June 1st. Kevin was also into playing with my nipples. Apparently he likes to bite.

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My first batch of golden nipples I hand painted. The gold wasn't the gold I had imagined in my mind, so I sprayed the second batch with enamel. Below we have Jess showing off one nipple from the first batch on the right and one from the second on the left.
For all the nippleplay documentation go here. To make a donation to the organization that all the proceeds from nippleplay are given to, go here. AND if you want a golden nipple, go here.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


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On Friday afternoons I like to meet my girlfriends for brunch. We have discovered yet another fantastic dining establishment, The Flying Pan Blue. It is located on a small street just to the right of the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon. Oh, the menu has so many delicious things: banana and walnut pancakes, something beautifully insane called chocolate ecstasy, and so much more it makes it really difficult to decide what to eat.

I got the curry chicken sandwich. It was great. The best thing about their sandwiches is the bread. Typical grocery stores usually don't carry anything exciting like fresh baguettes or a nice cinnamon raison bread. So when it's not even all that easy to find a loaf of whole wheat, the great home-baked tasting bread they have at Flying Pan Blue makes me so excited.

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Jess got the avocado chicken salad. It's too bad they're so expensive in Korea because avocados are so good and good for you. While they are high in calories, they have that "good fat." I just found out that:
1. Avocado has been used traditionally to help people with sexual problems.

2. Great antioxidant and can be used for skin disorders

3. Avocado will aid healing for people suffering from digestive and circulatory problems

4. Another benefit of avocado for the skin where avocado paste can be applied to rashes and rough skin to make it smoother.

5. The brighter the fruit, the more beta-carotene (the substance that helps to prevent cancer) your avocado contains.
Liz had the salmon salad and the other Jess had the grilled veggie sandwich with pesto. As a group we topped off an order of potato wedges with sweet chili sauce and mayo. All dishes we had are highly recommended. Be advised that this place is not cheap, but it's well worth it!

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Friday, May 18, 2007


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Judo and I went to check out Sujin's new Bulgarian restaurant in Itaewon. It's at the end of the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel (up the stairs just past Three Alleys Pub). The food was good, particularly the eggplant appetizer. The place looks great and Sujin kinda changed up her own style, from funky BricX chick to classy restuarant owner.

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I had salmon, Judo ate some crazy cheese stuffed chicken dish, which he's still talking about. All in all, a lovely evening.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Times @ Queen

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This is what happens when you go to Queen. Everyone has a ridiculously fabulous time, and you meet crazy wonderful drunk people. Pictured above we have a bad boy who desperately needed a spanking. Unfortunately, he really likes spankings and can't get enough of being bad if that's the punishment. Pictured below we have Angelique and Gunshik. Gunshik studies English and always enjoys putting his new vocabulary into use, so he changed his name to DIARRHEAfor the evening. He also broke a driver the first time he tried to play golf. He has a lot of power, and he's funny too.

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And then there's Charles, everyone's favorite Kiwi. For some reason, the traveling salespeople of Itaewon love Charles. Despite the disapproving looks we all shot him, the hat man followed us everywhere. He tried to sell Angelique a hat seven times in a three hour span of time. Here's Charles after someone finally gave in and bought a stupid hat. Maybe that's the sales approach--never give up, maybe if you annoy them enough they will buy one just to make you go away.

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Monday, May 07, 2007


New old stuff. The familiar done again in a different way, a bit better even. The comeback...

Bar Nana has been busy renovating for the past couple of weeks and I'm excited to see what they've done with the place. The grand re-opening will be celebrated with the return of Free Base Fridays. I'll be there, supporting the bbm (as usual), with a drink or two (as usual), maybe even with a few nipples in my purse, ready to shake my ass, as usual.

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In other exciting news, I made quiche. I mean I've made quiche before, but not in like years and I used to always make it under maternal supervision. Not only did I make quiche, on my own, but I also made the crust FROM SCRATCH. You hear that Mom!?! I'm being super domestic. I made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies last night and last week I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch. So far everything has gotten rave reviews. I love my oven. I'm making banana bread tomorrow. Anyone interested in helping me eat all this?
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Sunday, May 06, 2007


484506046 6E135A295EBRUNCH. It's not early in the morning, so it's not breakfast. It could be lunch time (or later), but you're eating breakfast food. That already is enough reason to love brunch, but for me it's more than just that. It's the fabulous laid back, I-have-all-the-time-in the-world, approach to dining. Spring and summer time brunch is by far the best due to the outdoor seating and people watching. There are days I wake up aching for a good brunch, and for some time I just could not find it in Korea.
In the past 6 months I've discovered some great brunch spots and just this week 2 new ones popped up.

My original favorite for brunch was Indigo in the HBC. I like the staff and the food is pretty good, but the service is not the best (food is often cold, or doesn't come at all) and I've now overdone that place and need new brunch. In some ways it feels like the dormitory cafeteria (with way better grub). Whenever I'm there I see someone I know. This is my regular local place to go when I don't feel like cooking. I'm lucky to have it, but I need variety.

A new cafe just opened half a block away from Indigo, called Habitat. They have organic teas, a chill atmosphere and mellow music to match. I dig their earthy toned interior with mismatched pieces of nicely designed furniture, and the menu is filled with exciting things I can't wait to explore. They have outdoor seating, but it's on the street which can be noisy at times. Habitat is brand new, so they have some work to do, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this place develops.

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If I'm in the HBC area these days I walk up to Jule's Kitchen for her brunch. It's a bit pricey, about 10,000 won, but worth it. On top of that, she's totally lovely and her cakes are heavenly. Jule's Sandwich, a chicken salad with apples, is my favorite. I also recommend that you try the carrot cake, it'll rock your world. It's not often crowded so the food is made pretty quickly.

My all time favorite Hyehwa chill spot is Comfort Zone/The Living Room. Due to the size of my apartment, I quite literally made this bar my living room. It has a clientele of mostly Hyehwa locals, Sungkyunkwan University professors, international MBA students who live up the street, and ME! Until now I've felt like it's been my secret. I wanted Andy, the cute and friendly English-speaking owner, all to myself.

484539889 281213A093 484539781 A6A13A5EfcBut now they have brunch EVERYDAY from 11-4 and everyone should know. Andy's sister, Jessie, is awesome in the kitchen--she knows how to do brunch right and make it look beautiful. On most days you will find me there on the patio during my lunch break.

Their standard brunch plate has yummy potatoes, a couple strips of bacon, a bagel with jam and butter, some veggies, and eggs. I recommend the French toast.

See the comments for directions.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

food & dance!

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The International Food Festival in Itaewon was heaps of fun. Charles and I hung out at the Egyptian food spot and smoked hookas, ate yummy stuff, drank beer, and watched everyone having a good time dancing around. After good eats we went over to Above and had the best mojitos in all of Korea.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

on the street

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I bumped into Alan looking good, sporting this great shirt. I love finding these gems all over Korea.

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