Wednesday, July 25, 2007

magic day


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If you can't tell, these are sanitary napkins, called Magics. This is a wonderful find. Their slogan is, "Enjoy your magic day." Hilarious! There's nothing magical about getting your period--unless it's the day you realize you're NOT pregnant.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


I've gotten into video a bit; however, I haven't figured it all out quite yet. In this one, Gia helps introduce one of my favorite spots in Hongdae--Vinyl! It's the cute cocktails in bags that keep me coming back.

Vinyl is located down the street from the main entrance to Hong-ik University. There is a robot on the front. It's just past the 7-11 where you would turn right to go to BrixX, Tool, or FF.

And here are some pics of nights out at Vinyl...

Friday, July 20, 2007


I took my sister to one of my favorite vegetarian Korean restaurants, Shoshim, in Insadong. I can't ever get enough of the mushrooms and the tofu at this place. Gia agrees, the mushrooms are great!
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Gia wondered why the "water" was brown. Now that I'm so over things like being water but also sometime like a tea, it's nice to have a guest to feel like it's novel all over again.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

HP in 3D!

My life is currently consumed with Harry Potter. Yes, I went to see the movie, and yes, I got the book.

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The fight scene in 3D was really cool. Overall, the movie was a lot of fun AND the bonus was that we got these crazy glasses to wear and play with!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

blogs to love

You might have noticed that I have added some link love on my sidebar. These new additions to my world include Scribblings of the Metropolitician, the Marmot's Hole, and ZenKimchi. The Metropliician, he's fabulous, and he thinks I'm fabulous. It's a mutual adoration kind of thing which is, well, FABULOUS! ZenKimchi has funny t-shirts to help you buy a beer in Korean and he has been writing about Korean food for like forever. Overall, it's fun and funny. Then there is the Marmot, which I'm not exactly sure what it is yet, but it seems to be filled with a lot of boys talking about news, Korea, and politics--and intellectually jizzing on each other in the comments. Lots of hate over there which makes for a really great read.

One of my newest and most favorite blogs is: Through Whitey's Eyes
His user name over at the Marmot is "Whitey." Whitey's comments on misskoco:

Personality: Brassy, self-absorbed.
Influences: Numerous TV characters.
Interests: Shoes.
Originality: Lacking.
I have to give him credit for noticing that I'm interested in myself and shoes, yet I'm a bit upset that he left out a few of my other major obsessions: food, pussy, and nipples. Brassy? Ok. BUT unoriginal? I mean, REALLY!? How many English speaking self-absorbed TV character influenced female bloggers interested in shoes are there in Korea? I mean, I'd like to meet them for shopping, laughs, to take pictures of each other for our blogs, and long walks on the beach to talk about ourselves.

Shit, I'd like to start a club! If you are a lady out there with these interests, please contact me ASAP at koco(at) with CLUB FOR SELF ABSORBED WOMEN OBSESSED WITH SHOES WHO ARE JUST LIKE A CONGLOMERATE OF TV CHARACTERS in the subject line. We can meet once a month at all different locations of interest including Myeongdong nail salons or Doota! in Dongdaemun to shop and discuss recent developments in our (tv-like) realities.

Please go check out Whitey's site because he really never gets any traffic. You can check how he gets an average of 17 viewers per day on his site meter at the bottom of his page. It's kinda sad. So, let's send him some love, misskoco-style, and do something about that lack in his life. And while you're there you might as well tell him all of your thoughts, dreams, wishes, obsessions, and how great his blog is.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Slowly I go through the odds and ends of my adventures. Looking at ticket stubs, photos, and by reading over my journals, I recreate the journey and do my best to compile a complete document of my trip. Here's a little bit of Mongolia with Matt.

While I am quoted here as saying, "I try everything," I wasn't up for the snuff or vodka for breakfast. I stuck to the tea!

**Thanks to Matt for documenting so much of our trip, and for being such a mench.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

love in small packages

The ATM wished me happy birthday. Yes, I'm a year older today. As a really nice, and unexpected gift, I got talked up on Scribblings of the Metropolitician. I got some nice emails, a few phone calls, well wishes and lots of love in those oh so important small packages.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Ok, I usually save shoe content for, but I'm pretty PG over there. So...

A wise woman told me once that the first thing any woman should do after a break up is buy a pair of "fuck-me" heels/boots. These should be the sexiest, possibly the biggest splurge of your life, and the most fabulous shoes ever! You need them, and yes, yes, yes, YES, they will make you feel better. They will hurt your feet more than the pain in your soul, and remind you with every step that you will get through whatever shit you just went through... cause you have the hottest shoes ever made on your feet, and they are going to take you places. You are going places. Slowly, but surely, you will strut away from what-ever-his-name-was and all the memories that went with him.

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So, here's what I'm talking about. I think these are Japanese. They're ridiculous. Whatever. With a little school girl black mini-skirt and and simple tank top.... Oh, I think an outfit like that could cause accidents.

The other thing that helps is a bit of saucy late night shopping. You might call it SWT, Shopping While Tipsy---it's better than drunk dialing (not by much, but it's still better). It's not easy to find shoes of the true "fuck me" variety in Korea. Seriously, everything has a butterfly or a bow on it. I wanna vomit sometimes things are so cute. However, during my SWT adventures I have come a cross a few that, by Korean standards, could work.

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A new store, called MANO Paris, opened in Hyehwa right near my place. They're open late, REAL late, which is REALLY bad for me. I get home and instead of a late night snack, it's a late night pair of 29,000W shoes. I think what I like about this store the most is that they have the same shoe in different colors. I want the same shoe in many colors. I want these wedges in red, in blue, and in black. That would look cute in my life.

**this post is dedicated to V. Smith, the aformentioned "wise woman"

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bye Kash...

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I'm aware of that cycle thing again. People I've gotten used to being around, are gone. I meet new people... but, no matter how aware I am of the way people enter and leave your life in Korea, I'll never get used to it.